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Is it time to replace your furnace?

Have you notice that your furnace is not working properly? Or showing some weird signs? It might be the time to replace your furnace.

Indications It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

What is the normal life span of a home furnace? According to Furnace Replacement Denver, most furnaces last 15 to 20 years.

Furnaces less than ten years old are usually more cost-effective to repair rather than replace. Once the furnace or central heating reaches twelve years or more, replacement is a viable consideration.

When should you repair or replace your furnace?

As one of the most important investments and pieces of equipment in your home, it pays to keep track of just how efficiently and effectively your warm air oil or natural gas furnace is running. You need to know when to replace it before it costs you more in repairs than a new purchase or if it becomes unsafe. Furnace repair Denver repairs your furnace and gives a new life to your furnace. A comfortable and healthy home environment requires an energy-efficient and safe heating system. One that heats the home without using large amounts of energy and that doesn’t endanger the indoor air quality.

Warning Signs: When you may need to replace your furnace

  • 16-20 years: The average life expectancy of a furnace
  • Energy bills going up
  • Furnace repairs: furnace incurs most breakdowns in last two years
  • Thermostat not keeping you comfortable
  • Strange noises
  • If your furnace needs frequent repairs.
  • If your energy bills are going up despite usage staying the same.
  • If the rooms in your house are heating unevenly, with some rooms hotter or colder than others.
  • If your furnace is cycling on and off more frequently than in the past.
  • If your home is starting to have humidity problems.
  • If your furnace becomes excessively noisy or develops rattles, buzzes, or hums.
  • If your furnace starts putting out excessive dust, soot, dirt or rust particles.
  • If you see visible signs of rust in and around your furnace, or if any of the components show cracks or corrosion. Furnace replacement Denver gives you solutions for all the problems your furnace is facing.

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Is the Warranty Past It’s Expiration Date?

Most heater warranties last 5 to 15 years. Furnaces last between fifteen and twenty years. Furnaces that need repair every year, that are also more than a dozen years old are a prime candidate to be replaced. These furnaces are past the time boxed parameters of most warranties. Furnace replacement Denver helps you identify such crucial issue.

How Often Does Your Furnace Need Repairs?

When is a home furnace a good candidate for replacement? One sign is that the furnace longer efficiently heats your home or is in constant need of repair.

If the repair costs each year are one-third the cost of furnace repair Denver repairs will be the best course of action.

Furnace replacement Denver gives you 5 essential facts about furnace installation.

  1. Furnaces must be properly sized.
  2. Maximum efficiency requires functional ducts and air vents.
  3. A programmable thermostat saves energy and money.
  4. Furnace installation should be completed by a professional.
  5. Furnace care doesn’t end with installation.

Pros Know

If your furnace is exhibiting any of these “warning signs,” call in a professional to inspect the unit. A simple repair may be able to solve your problem.

By installing a new home furnace or heating system from Furnace replacement Denver you’ll improve your home’s value, enjoy fast installation and professional training on your new heating system and qualified customers can take advantage of some great budget friendly options. Whether you need to maintain the furnace you have or need to protect the investment in a new furnace purchase, the right service plan makes all the difference. Our multiple service contract and protection plan options provide the tune-up, repair and maintenance services required to protect your furnace investment. All backed by around the clock service and support in any weather.

Replacing your home furnace doesn’t need to be difficult. Our technicians of furnace repair Denver can help you decide whether furnace repair or replacement is the best option. We’ll also help you find a furnace that is reliable, long-lasting, that will help you save on your energy bill.

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