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Boilers: Repair or replace?

Boilers are very important components commercial and institutional facilities systems. They need investment to install and maintain. Boilers are the largest energy users in the facility. Even with the detailed maintenance and regular checks, they eventually require replacement. One of the major factors could be boiler’s age which helps in determining whether it needs repairs or replacement. While there’s no hard and fast rules for making this decision. There are many other important factors which need to be considered while taking any decision.

Making the correct repair-replace decision requires that managers understand the condition of their boilers. Boiler Repair Denver has experts which can help you take the right decision in this regard.

Here are some key components which would help you in deciding whether to repair or to replace your boiler.

Your boiler’s age

While boilers are long-life assets, they do not last forever. Most boilers have an average age of 15 – 20 years depending on its maintenance. This really doesn’t mean that if the boiler has reached to its age, needs to be replaced. Some of them can be repaired and can be used for coming few more years too. It is an indicator of the boiler’s remaining life, a factor managers must take into consideration when facing the repair-replace decision. Boiler maintenance costs increase as the boiler ages.

Background review

A boiler’s operating background is another major factor frequent breakdowns indicate that either something is wrong with the boiler’s installation or that it might no longer be reliable. If the issue is installation, such as improper piping, boiler repair Denver technicians can correct the issue before managers consider replacement.


If you boiler is constantly breaking down, apart from the stress and aggravation that will cause, the cost of getting a Gas Engineer out regularly will very soon mount up. What you save in repair bills will go a long way to covering the cost of a new boiler. Boiler replacement Denver would provide you best replacement options.

Expensive Repairs

As you boiler gets older some of the manufacturers will stop producing the parts for that particular model of boiler. When getting a quote for a repair from boiler repair Denver it would be a good idea to get a quote for a new boiler installation as well. You can compare the two with the help of boiler replacement Denver. As your boiler gets older the cost for repair are going to increase. With a new boiler installation finance is available to help you mange the costs.

New generation technology

Innovation in boiler designs is ongoing. Digital technology has replaced mechanical controls in new-generation boilers, allowing technicians to control boiler operation remotely. Major improvements in boiler design have resulted in higher operating efficiencies.

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Benefits of Boiler Maintenance

Protection and safety

Faulty boilers and repeated boiler issues can be dangerous. By having an accredited boiler engineer inspect your equipment, you can remain safe from fires, explosions, and any leaks of gas or carbon monoxide, from the boiler.

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that can kill a person very quickly. Therefore, it’s recommended that you get regular boiler services and fit a carbon monoxide detector to protect everyone in your house or office.

It’s cost-efficient in the long-term

Annual or semi-regular boiler services can help keep your boiler running efficiently for extended periods. What’s more, regular boiler maintenance keeps your system performing reliably for longer. This means you’re less likely to pay for future boiler repairs down the line. The last thing you want is to be dealt with an enormous repair cost or an expensive boiler replacement service.

It prevents you from getting too cold

Boiler maintenance services are best carried out in the spring or summer, as when the weather starts getting colder, people rely on their central heating more frequently. Servicing a boiler during the summer can help identify faults before discovering one while battling the colder weather. It gives you that added peace of mind that you can stay warm in the winter.

By considering these important factors when evaluating the boiler repair-replacement option, managers can make the repair or replace decision from a position of understanding. They can more successfully factor in the current and future needs of the facility, the condition of the existing boilers, the cost of continuing to repair the existing boilers, and the installed cost of a new system. Boiler replacement Denver knows that domestic and commercial buildings rely on boilers to be working correctly, and it’s frustrating when things go wrong.

Why not consider our boiler repair Denver boiler servicing? We want to make the process easy for our customers and ensure you’re not left without a boiler for long.

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